Community Development Corporation

TJ Haight resized 10-23-18T.J. Haight, President

Georgette Ford resized 10-23-18Georgette Ford, Vice President

Sue Mauk resized 10-23-18Sue Mauk, Secretary

Jeff Lawther resized 10-23-18Jeff Lawther, Treasurer

Scott Sotelo resized 10-23-18Scott Sotelo, Position 3

Doug Burgess resized 10-23-18Doug Burgess, Position 5

Laura Hicks resized 10-23-18Laura Hicks, Position 6

Members include (from top left) T.J. Haight, President; Georgette Ford, Vice President; Sue Mauk, Secretary; Jeff Lawther, Treasurer; Doug Burgess, Laura Hicks and Scott Sotelo.

The content below provides an overview of the major steps taken by the Deer Park Community Development Corporation since its creation in 2015.

View the DPCDC budget for fiscal year 2018-19 for more information. The DPCDC budget is available on page 223 of the linked budget document.

This page will be updated periodically to provide current information on the activities associated with these goals, including projected timelines and more. For construction updates and photos, as well as conceptual designs, visit the individual project pages, linked below.

During their August 17, 2015 meeting, the Board elected officers, reviewed and passed their bylaws and discussed meeting dates and times for the next year. Georgette Ford (front left) was named Vice President, Sue Mauk (front right) was named Secretary, Jeff Lawther (back left) was named Treasurer and T.J. Haight (back right) accepted the position of President. 

On February 26, 2015 the Deer Park City Council adopted Ordinance No. 3706 calling a special election on May 9, 2015 to submit a proposition on the question of the adoption of a Type B economic development sales and use tax for public park purposes and events at the rate of one-half of one per-cent.

On May 9, 2015, the voters of the City of Deer Park voted and approved the Type B economic development sales and use tax.

On June 17, 2015, the City Council passed a resolution creating the Deer Park Community Development Corporation (a Type B Corporation), and the group held its first meeting - a joint workshop with the Council - on July 30.

As approved by the voters, the tax to be collected would support the following projects:

  1. $1,500,000 for the replacement of the restroom facilities in Dow Park with a new pavilion structure that includes a stage, restrooms, and a concession stand (more info here); 
  2. $6,000,000 for the renovation and expansion of the Community Center and Gym to include an indoor pool (more info here);
  3. $2,000,000 for the expansion of the existing Maxwell Center and parking lot (more info here);
  4. $3,000,000 for the renovation of baseball fields including but not limited to the Spencerview Sports Complex (Durant Fields - more info here);
  5. $3,000,000 for the renovation of the girls softball facilities at the Youth Sports Complex (more info here);
  6. $4,000,000 for the development of soccer fields (more info here); and
  7. g. $500,000 for the development of hike and bike trails (more info here).