Code Enforcement

I’m sure we have all driven through towns where we noticed old garage sale signs and other signs stapled to telephone poles, front yards full of trash and debris, lawns that haven’t been mowed and maintained, junk vehicles parked in front-yards and many other unsightly conditions. The reason Deer Park is different is because we have a wonderful Code Enforcement Division that enforces the City’s ordinances. The Code Enforcement Division uses ordinances designed to assist them in gaining compliance on code violations that affects the quality of life and appearance of the City.

The code is not enforced solely for aesthetic reasons, it is also enforced for health reasons. Junk and debris on property harbors rodents and snakes and can create a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Dirty, stagnant water in swimming pools not only breeds mosquitoes but is a safety risk to young children which could fall in and make it more difficult to rescue them due to low visibility.

Code Enforcement


Our code enforcement division, which consist of two employees, Marsha Price and Greg Melching, respond to citizen complaints concerning many matters from high grass to dirty pools; falling fences; graffiti; working without proper permits; junk vehicles; and many other violations. They also patrol the streets looking for violators. They both live in Deer Park and take great pride in their city.

Most violations can be taken care of with a simple warning to a citizen or homeowner; however, there are some cases that will actually have to be settled in court.

For more information on code enforcement, visit our webpage.