Surface Water Treatment Plant

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We all take for granted that each time we turn on a faucet we will receive crystal clean water to drink, cook with and bathe in. But a lot of work goes into achieving that crystal clean water. The City of Deer Park owns and operates a “surface water treatment plant” with an in-house laboratory. The City purchases raw, untreated water from the City of Houston. We receive our water from the Trinity River, via the Coastal Water Authority. The “raw” or lake water is delivered to the City of Deer Park via large pipelines to the treatment plant. This department operates the treatment plant, 3 elevated water storage tanks, ground storage tanks, as well as 3 well sites and pumping stations. The plant treats 1.5 billion gallons of water a year.

Multiple Barriers

S8.jpgThe water plant uses a multiple barrier approach to drinking water treatment. This means that the treatment system has been designed to reduce and eliminate contaminates to levels that have been established by the state and federal government. Regular water samples are pulled city-wide and tested in our lab to ensure purity of our water.

The city is very proud of the hard work and devotion of our water plant employees. For more info visit our webpage.