Maxwell Center Type B Renovations

Project Summary

This project was one of seven approved projects in the 2015 Type B dedicated sales tax election that was voted for by Deer Park residents. The project is funded with $2 million from Type B sales tax. The City of Deer Park selected Halff Associates as the architect and Frost Construction as the general contractor for the project. Construction began in November of 2017. The project was completed late fall 2018 and the ribbon cutting was held on January 15, 2019.

Read about a few of the updates below.

• Receptionist Area - Enter through the front doors and you'll be greeted by our front desk receptionist. There is also a lounge/lobby area where you can read the paper, socialize with friends, or watch the news on a new 65-inch TV.

• Thermostats - Each room is equipped with a thermostat, enabling you to control the temperature in the room that you are in.

• New Fitness Equipment - New exercise equipment were added to give users a better overall body workout.

• Portable Audio/Video Equipment - A portable A/V equipment center is now available. This equipment can be transported from room to room for your viewing needs. In addition, there is an A/V set up in the Multi-Purpose Room with a 70-inch screen and laser projector.

• Parking - A new striped parking lot includes 6 additional spaces. Please note that the number of city vehicles parked at the Maxwell Center has significantly decreased to ensure more parking for seniors.

• Covered Awning - The exterior addition to the building includes a covered awning, making it an ideal drop off and pick up area when it's raining.

• Wi-Fi Accessible - Keep your devices connected while at the Maxwell Center by logging into our new Wi-Fi system.

• Restrooms - Each stall in the updated restrooms come equipped with a state of art emergency pull bell. These alarms will ring directly to the Receptionist desk and alert staff of an emergency.

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