Don H. Davis Training Facility

Located at 102 Luella, the Don H. Davis Training Facility offers local departments and industrial fire brigades the opportunity to train without the expense of traveling. Interior firefighting, interior ventilation, roof operation, technical rescue operations, vehicle fires and gas release firefighting props are available at the training facility.

The Burn Building is NFPA inspected and approved for interior firefighting activities. This multi-room two story structure offers a challenging training opportunity of all services seeking to ensure fire crews have the necessary training for any interior structure fire. 

The seven story tower offer external and internal rescue training opportunities from beginner to advanced rescue techniques. High rise firefighting techniques can be practiced to prepare fire fighters who may have this type of structures in their response jurisdiction. 

The training facility propane project allows beginning fire fighters the ability to discover the hazards of fighting small gas fires and proper techniques for water nozzle operations, proper isolation of valves and overall team work for hose handling. 

Vehicle fires are a common type of fire in municipal fire responses. The vehicle fire project provides fire fighters the opportunity to practice proper approach and containment methods when responding to vehicle fires. Large vehicles are also available on this project as an added challenge as fire fighters assess the scenario and make proper tactical decisions. 

Agencies needing a classroom for training purposes may choose to schedule the classroom building. This room will accommodate up to 30 students and has a variety of multi-media resources needed for adequate classroom instruction. 

The city has many hotels available for departments traveling to the facility and needing overnight arrangements. Five of the local hotels are within 2 miles of the training facility. 

Field usage fees are based on the amount of training each department chooses to conduct during their visit. This allows each department to customize a training program specific to the needs of their organization. Courses are self-instructed by each department. However, at the visiting department’s request, the Deer Park Fire Department can provide certified instructors for additional fees.

We invite all agencies to tour the training facility and see if we can assist you with your training needs for your agency. 

For more information regarding scheduling the fire training facility, contact Jennifer Griffin at 281-478-7281.


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