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This section is dedicated to the members who have served 15 years or more as a volunteer for this department. These individuals over their years of service, worked to build this department into what it is today. The current members express our deepest appreciation to the efforts of the Burnouts and are proud of their accomplishments.

We continue to utilize the knowledge these individuals have to improve our department. The past experiences each Burnout has and stories each can tell about past years, calls and people still holds the interest of the new members entering this department. 

These members fought fires when bunker gear was a long coat and pull up boots and helmet. SCBA devices were non-existent and a scarf was worn for respirator protection. Pumps were high pressure and nozzles were straight bore tips. Laying a supply line meant a 2-1/2 from the hydrant to a 750 gallon pumper. 

Response attire was white coveralls and a garrison cap. The coverall color eventually changed to red and the garrison cap was changed to a baseball cap.

Their ride was an open cab truck with three on the tail board. Tail board members would push a button to sound a buzzer to the driver they were ready.

An “All Nighter” actually meant staying at the rec-hall and rotating the stock in the beer machine.

Pumper racing was the thing to do and it was done as a department, not just a few members. 

The history these folks could tell us reminds us of where the fire service once was and where we are today. 

To show our appreciation for their years of service, the names of each Burnout is engraved on the walls of the Firefighter’s Wall of Honor located at the Firefighter’s Memorial.