City Construction Projects

The following are some of the projects the City of Deer Park has undertaken:

Emergency ServicesDrawing of New Fire Station 2

  • The Fire Station 2 and Fire Training Building projects are underway. Existing Fire Station 2 on Pasadena Blvd. will be replaced with a new larger facility and serve as the central station for the Deer Park Volunteer Fire Department (DPVFD). The Fire Training Facility provides additional classroom space for training activities on site. Martinez Architects, in cooperation with the DPVFD and City Staff, have completed design development. On May 2, 2023, City Council awarded the project for construction to Comex Corporation in the amount of $11,117,000. Construction began the week of June 26, 2023. Duration of construction is anticipated to be 365 days. The projects are being funded with 2021 General Obligation Bonds. 

Parks and Recreation Department

Type B Dedicated Sales Tax Projects


  • Maxwell Adult Center
  • Girls Softball Complex
  • Girls Softball Complex - Phase 2 Field Lighting
  • Dow Park Pavilion
  • Glenwood Park - Clearing and Grubbing
  • Deer Park Soccer Complex
  • Deer Park Soccer Complex - Phase 2 Field Lighting
  • Spencerview Athletic Complex - Except Spencerview Bridge
  • Spencerview Athletic Complex - Phase 2 Field Lighting
  • Spencerview Athletic Complex -  Security Parking Lot Lighting
  • Hike and Bike Trails, Phase 1


  • The Deer Park Soccer Complex Additional Parking project expands parking with over 300 additional spaces at the soccer complex (south portion of complex adjacent to 13th Street). On September 20, 2022, the project was awarded to Texas Walls Systems, LLC in the amount of $1,640,253. The additional parking spaces will allow for more tournaments and convenient parking. A maintenance facility, lighting, and a walking path is being added. A ribbon cutting ceremony is anticipated upon completion in the coming months. 

  • The design for Additional Parking in Glenwood Park is in development, which will result in Additional Parking for the Spencerview Athletic Complex. The clearing and grubbing of Glenwood Park to prepare the property for future development and provide space for an on-site TCEQ Air Monitoring Station was completed in June 2022. The clearing project was awarded to Soil Worx LLC in the amount of $55,550. TCEQ has started the relocation of the air monitoring station on site. A 10' wide decomposed granite access trail to the station and the Harris County Flood Control ditch for maintenance is part of the plan as well. The design of the additional parking is expected to be completed by fall 2023. City staff is currently seeking architectural services to design the new park/playground area itself.

  • The plans for the Spencerview Bridge, a pedestrian bridge to connect the Spencerview Athletic Complex (Durant Fields) to the adjoining property donated to the City of Deer Park for the development of additional parking and a new park/playground area, are being redesigned by CobbFendley & Associates due to infrastructure issues discovered in the initial plans. The new bridge will be 8 feet wide. Discussions are currently taking place regarding the length of the bridge. The redesign has slowed down progress on the project. TF Harper has been selected to build the bridge. The estimated cost of $300,000 for the purchase and installation of the bridge is budgeted for Fiscal Year 2022-2023. 

  • City staff is finalizing construction documents for Phase 2 Parking Lot Improvements at the Girls Softball Complex. The project provides additional parking for the facility, including security lighting. The design is expected to incorporate and enhance parking on the east side of the complex and improve existing traffic flow. Cost for this project is estimated to be $1,500,000. Staff is planning to bid the project this summer. 

  • The Community Center/Pool Project is well underway. Brinkley Sargent Wiginton (BSW) Architects and Durotech, our Construction Manager-at-Risk (CMAR), along with City Staff have met to discuss the new design, which includes a new pool bath house. The Community Center is now in the construction design phase, while the pool is in the design development phase. Demolition of the existing Community Center is scheduled for August/September 2023. Parks and Recreation staff are relocating to the Dow Park Soccer Building and the Economic Alliance Houston Port Region building at 203 Ivy Ave. to continue program operations until the new facility is completed. 

Other Parks and Recreation Projects

  • Improvements to the Dow Park Children’s Pool, including re-plastering the pool and the installation of a mushroom maze, over and under nozzles, and a log slide, have been completed by Kraftsman Commercial Playgrounds and Water Parks via a BuyBoard Contract. The total cost for the project was $86,974.43. 
  • Dow Park Pool Repairs involving the purchase and installation of UV systems for the Dow Park Pool, Baby Pool, and Splash Park have been completed by Progressive Commercial Aquatics, LLC. via a BuyBoard contract. Cost for the 3 UV systems is $85,860. 
  • Repairs are needed on Bulkheads at The Battleground Golf Course at holes 11 and 13. City staff has obtained bids for these repairs. Estimated project cost is $51,840. City staff is currently scheduling for construction to begin.
  • Elevator at Battleground Golf Course is in need of replacement. City staff is working with TK Elevator Corporation in the procurement and replacement of new technology and materials for the new elevator. Installation is anticipated in Fiscal Year 2023-2024. The project is being funded by the Contingency Fund in the amount of $126,540.42.

  • The design for the new Jimmy Burke Activity Center was discussed by City staff and Brown, Reynolds & Watford (BRW) Architects. Elements of the design include meeting rooms, a historical museum, and a large dog park. City staff and BRW Architects are working together to hire a Construction Manager-at-Risk by summer to construct the 55,780 square foot facility. Estimated cost for this project is $24,600,080. Project will be funded by General Obligation Bond Funds.

  • Bayou Bend Detention Project is a comprehensive street and park project developed to assist with the flooding adjacent to the park. Plans for the area include a new walking trail within the park, disc golf pad, and challenging disc golf holes for tournaments and competitions. The project was awarded to Mar-Con Services in the amount of $2,935,697.40. The design and logistics of the disc golf pad are currently being discussed. Completion of project is anticipated to be in 2024.

Public Works Department


  • 2022 Street Marking & Re-Striping Project, The project consisted of applying traffic paint and reflective pavement markings on 13th St., San Augustine St., X Street, East Blvd., Pasadena Blvd., Georgia Ave., Luella Ave., and a small portion of E. Lambuth Ln. In addition, several intersections crossing on the aforementioned streets were re-striped and curbs on Center St. repainted. On September 20, 2022, the project was awarded to Traffic Signs & Lines LLC in the amount of $99,160.02. The project was completed in April 2023.
  • 2023 Sanitary Sewer Maintenance, A maintenance contract is utilized for unforeseen sanitary sewer or waterline projects that arise during the year. Services to perform this maintenance program were purchased through a cooperative purchasing program. The first work order was completed by Vortex Services, LLC in March 2023. A partial collapse of the 8-inch sanitary pipe that runs along Kentucky, James, and Ivy Ave. caused the sewer to back up into the adjacent subdivision, resulting in sewer overflow issues. A total of 2,500 linear feet of pipe was rehabilitated to remedy the problem. The project cost of $504,950 was funded by the budgeted Water/Sewer Maintenance Fund. Remaining funds are reserved for any emergency work needed throughout the fiscal year. 


  • Deer Park Terrace Street Reconstruction, Schaumburg & Polk, Inc. continues to work on the engineering design of the Deer Park Terrace Street Reconstruction Project, which includes Linda St., Robin St., Irene St., Maxie St., and W. 3rd St. The scope of the project entails engineering design services for pavement reconstruction and public utility replacement, as well as improvements to the storm sewer system. The bid process is expected to begin this summer. Duration of construction is anticipated to be 330 days. Cost for the project is $518,028.40, with funding coming from a 2021 General Obligation Street Improvement Bond.  
  • SWTP Clearwell, Transfer Pump, Ground Storage Tank and Disinfection, The Ardurra Group was hired to prepare the design, specifications, and engineering plans for the Clearwell Improvements at the Surface Water Treatment Plant (SWTP). The improvements involve the construction of baffle walls inside the 2 on-site Ground Storage Tanks (GSTs) and to add pumping capacity with the addition of a pump to the existing clearwell. This project has 3 objectives. First, it increases the amount of contact time between the water and the chemical disinfectant through the addition of baffles in the 2 ground storage tanks located at the water treatment plant. Secondly, the project increases the firm capacity of the clearwell transfer pumps. The firm capacity is the capacity of water that can be pumped with the largest piece of equipment out of service. Finally, the project converts the current gas chlorine system to an on-site generation of hypochlorite. Final negotiated cost is $6,185,290. Funding sources for this project include $250,000 in the Fiscal Year 2021-2022 Water Treatment Plant budget, $5,800,106 in Bond Funds 512 and 513, with a proposed budget amendment of $140,000. Earth work construction was started last fall. Duration of construction is expected to be 480 days. The project is currently on track as anticipated.
  • Shell City Subdivision Waterline Rehabilitation Project, The focus of this project is to rehabilitate waterlines using the pre-chlorinated pipe bursting method in several streets within the Shell City Subdivision. This project replaces 3,000 linear feet of 2-inch pipe with new 6-inch HDPE pipe and new fire hydrants. These efforts will provide upgraded water pressure, fire protection, and water quality. The project was awarded to SKE, Inc. through the BuyBoard Cooperative Purchasing Program in the amount of $199,129.11. Construction began this spring and is expected to be completed in fall 2023.
  • Bayou Bend Regional Stormwater Detention Facility and Associated Drainage Improvements Project, This project focuses on drainage improvements to minimize the risk of flooding on Wisdom Dr., Spa Dr., Coy Dr., Stephanie Dr., Valeda Dr., and Temperance Dr. The drainage improvements consist of ditch re-grading, culvert replacement, and a new detention pond in Bayou Bend Park property to help store excess runoff. On October 18, 2022, the project was awarded to Mar-Con Services in the amount of $2,935,697.40. Construction began in December 2022. The project is being funded with $2,572,500 in U.S. Housing and Urban Development grant funds, in addition to City funds from the Fiscal Year 2022-2023 Capital Improvements Fund and Drainage Bond Fund, Series 2021 for the remaining balance. The project is currently on track with a tentative completion in fall 2023.
  • Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Expansion and Police Department Improvements, The project consists of a single story 7,500 square foot addition to the existing 30,000 square foot Deer Park Police Station. The addition provides space for the relocation of the current EOC and Dispatch Center. The project also involves the redesign of the current EOC, Dispatch Center, radio equipment room, as well as the Records and Reception offices. The City entered into an architectural agreement with PGAL, Inc. in the amount of $240,000, using Crime Control and Prevention District (CCPD) funds. In November 2022, the project was awarded to Durotech, Inc. in the amount of $6,999,000. Contract documents were completed and construction started at the end of January 2023. The project is being funded with $5,580,000 in CCPD funds, in addition to City funds from the Capital Improvements Fund for the remaining balance. Duration of construction is expected to be 365 days, with anticipated completion in March 2024.
  • McDermott Street Conversion Project, The goal of this project is to improve bicycle and pedestrian safety along McDermott St. between Center St. and Pasadena Blvd. The project involves adding a physical barrier along the south side of the street, crosswalks, sidewalks, and ramps to connect existing, permanent signage and reflectorized delineators and striping. Queen Constructors LLC was awarded the project in the amount of $112,810. Construction is expected to begin by end of May 2023, with a 90-day anticipated completion.