All Star Activity Program

The All Star Activity Program (ASAP) is a program offered by the Deer Park Parks and Recreation Department operating during the public school year only. The program targets children who might otherwise spend time during the after school hours unsupervised. Children already enrolled at child care centers are not eligible for this program.

This is not a licensed day care, but rather a asaprecreational activity program designed to stimulate children’s habits and resources. We are not a child care facility, but still meet all health and safety regulations. The standards of care are approved by the City of Deer Park Council.

Program Eligibility

The All Star Activity Program is available for students who attend Deer Park Elementary, San Jacinto Elementary, Carpenter Elementary, Dabbs Elementary, Deer Park Junior High and Bonnette Junior High. Registration is required, and some sites may have waiting lists.

Program Operation

ASAP will operate from school dismissal time until 6 p.m. each school day. This schedule includes early dismissal days. The day will consist of snack time, homework time, and a planned calendar of activities.

The Deer Park Junior High participants will participate in age appropriate projects and activities. Such activities are geared to promote growth and experience in working with senior citizens, becoming mentors for younger children, and traveling on a wide variety of field trips while accumulating volunteer hours.

Program Staff

Staff are CPR / first aid certified / AED, and receive training in child development, discipline, abuse / neglect, positive behavior reinforcement, transportation procedures, and even play.