Special Weapons & Tactics Unit

SWAT TeamThe Special Weapons and Tactics team (SWAT) consists of nine officers who are highly trained in special weapons, tactics, less lethal options, gas delivery, and unarmed arrest techniques. The Deer Park Police Department's SWAT team is commanded by Lieutenant WF. Hart, who has dedicated years of his police service with the team.


Typically, the SWAT team is used on highly volatile situations where special training and skills give these officers the training they need to handle calls such as barricaded individuals, hostage incidents, felony warrant executions, or any situation where the on-duty supervisor deems it necessary for safety reasons. In addition, the SWAT team is issued firearms and or tools that would ensure the safest reaction to such an event.

The Deer Park SWAT team is a fluid division which trains monthly either by themselves, with the Hostage Negotiations Team, and outside agencies in order to give the community the highest trained individuals that they expect.