Volunteer Victim Assistance

About the Volunteer Victim's Assistance Program

The Deer Park Police Department's newly implemented Volunteer Victim's Assistance Program (VVAP) centers around secondary contact between the police department and citizens who are victims of crime.

Often times we hear from victims that once the initial report is taken, they never hear from the police department again. This leaves the impression that the officers "just don't care." In reality, that couldn't be further from the truth. The Police Department does care about our citizens, their well being and peace of mind after they've been victimized.

VVAP Functions

The VVAP consists of volunteers from the Police Department who make follow up contact with victim's after the crime has occurred. Volunteers first make contact via telephone to ascertain if the victim has any new information relating to the crime. Our volunteers will then ask for an email or mailing address where they can send a letter explaining who the beat officer is, how the citizen can contact the beat officer should they have new information pertaining to the crime and also information is sent to the victim that pertains to the crime they were a victim of.

The Deer Park Police Department prides itself on its Police/Community Partnerships and the VVAP is just one more way for us to reach out to our citizen's in a positive and hopefully reassuring manner.