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Jimmy Burke Activity Center

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Jimmy Burke Activity Center
500 W. 13 Street

FacilityDepositSeating CapacityResident RateNon-Resident Rate
Whole Building$1500600$110 / hour$185 / hour
Front Half$250 / $1000 (with alcohol)300$95 / hour$125 / hour
Back Half$250 / $1000 (with alcohol)300$85 / hour$115 / hour


Additional Information

  • Includes tables & chairs 
  • Tables and Chairs for 600 guest 
  • 60" round tables with seating for 6 
  • Stage available upon request 
    • incurs a setup fee.
  • Bocce Ball Courts
  • Rentals for this facility cannot be booked past 1am on Friday and Saturday and 12am on Sunday - Thursday.  
  • PLEASE NOTE THAT THE JIMMY BURKE ACTIVITY CENTER IS THE ONLY FACILITY THAT ALLOWS THE CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOL. Rentals for this facility cannot be booked past 11 pm on Friday and Saturday and 10 pm on Sunday ‐ Thursday. Police Department presence is mandatory with alcohol consumption. The rate for an officer is $35 per hour (price subject to change without notice) and you are required to have them during the entire rental. The payment is made directly to the Deer Park Police Department and will not be included in your initial rental cost. Alcohol cannot be sold on the premises. If alcohol is being served a cover charge for entry cannot be imposed on guests. 

Useful Tips

In order to plan a successful event, the following suggestions are given:

  • The number of tables and chairs are not specified or guaranteed. If you require a specific amount, please note it at time of rental reservation.
  • Not all facilities have the same size tables and chairs. If you need information on your rentals table sizes, quantities, etc. please contact the Parks and Recreation Department.
  • Allow time during rental period to decorate and clean up before and after the event.
  • If your rental requires a stage, please make request at time of initial rental. Stage is subject to Parks and Recreation Department approval and for an additional fee and not available for use outside of the facility.